Unicorns aren’t real.
Zero downtime connectivity
and limitless bandwidth is.

Tenants demand more bandwidth — now you can deliver and improve your NOI. No other service can deliver like Cloudbus. Join up with the only connectivity platform designed for commercial properties like yours.

Better than beer on tap.

Know what tenants value more than shared conference space and state-of-the-art fitness centers? Fast, reliable connectivity that helps them get real work done.

Connectivity is the #1 most important amenity for tenants looking for work space within the next 10 years. Tenants are willing to sign quicker, pay more, and stay longer in office spaces that provide better connectivity, quality service, and security.

What would tenants do for superior connectivity?

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The struggle is real.

77% of tenants say poor connectivity in commercial offices impacts profitability.

Poor Connectivity Impacts Profitability

Ultra-fast connectivity isn’t a nice to have, it’s an imperative. Connectivity outages and slowness disrupt business at least once a month on average, paralyzing tenants who are unable to do their jobs without high-speed access to applications and data.

Connectivity means productivity for today’s businesses.

The new normal.

Built for the new normal.

While incumbent providers are struggling to meet today’s needs, Cloudbus defines the future of how we connect to work. The voracious demand for bandwidth is only growing, but you can serve up the big speeds—and beyond—that intelligent businesses demand.

No more dropped conference calls, no more failed downloads. Just unlimited bursts whenever your tenants need it.

Supercharge your property.

We help properties stand out from the crowd with revenue-generating network services.

  • Improve occupancy, reduce churn, increase NOI
  • Rapid deployment without any capital outlays
  • No extra service or maintenance costs
  • Significant cost savings to tenant per broadband connection
  • Tenants move in, plug in, and scale on demand.
  1. Cloudbus brings fiber to your building.
  2. We install and connect our network hardware. Only 5" of rackspace for limitless bandwidth!
  3. We market, deliver, and maintain the service. You earn passive income with every connection.

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Why Cloudbus?

We help properties stand out from the crowd with revenue-generating services. Cloudbus is building a new connectivity service by connecting thousands of commercial properties to its national backbone and offering secure, on-demand connectivity to tenants of all sizes. Cloudbus enables commercial properties to disrupt the disruptors.